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Our body is literally covered with hair except for our palms, our lips and the soles of our feet, which are also considered as glabrous skin. Hair is basically recognized as one of the defining characteristics of every mammal. There are a lot of functions of hair and the reasons as to why hair became important and significant to the lives of every human being, is because it can provide them touch sensors, protection, warmth, and now, it is considered as their source of self-esteem. And because of that a lot of people, nowadays, tends to visit a beauty salon or hire the services of a hairdresser, barber and hair stylists, just to improve and enhance their hair. A hairdresser, barber and hairstylists, or also known as cosmetologists, are individuals whose job is to style and cut hairs, in the goals of maintaining or changing their customer's or client's image. The common services they tend to offer to their customers or clients include hair texturing techniques, hair coloring, and haircutting or hairstyling. Most of these individuals are professionally licensed and have taken up some training programs and education just to learn the expertise on such occupation. Commonly, these licensed professionals can be found on barbershops, beauty salons or beauty parlor, and cosmetic or beauty shops. Read more great facts on mens fade haircut, click here. 


A haircut is also called as hairdo or hairstyle, and this is basically referring to the styling of hair, which is commonly done on the scalp of the humans. Human beings are styling or fashioning their hair, for the various aspects, such as cosmetics, fashion and personal grooming. The aesthetic considerations of hairstyles can be determined by the hairstylists, cosmetologists or hairdressers by many factors, like the desire of the customer to acquire self-image, the artistic instincts of the hairstylists, and the customer's physical attributes, which includes the shape of their head and face, their natural hair type and the patterns of the growth of their hair, medical considerations, and overall body proportions of the customer. Hair styling or dressing may include the process of cutting, applying artificial color, applying extensions, permanent relaxers, curling, and any other form of texturing and styling. There are a lot of different hairstyles that became very popular all over the world, some may be due to the religion, tradition and culture of the people, while some are being influenced by their favorite hairstylists, celebrity idols, and latest trends. Some of the examples of hairstyle for men include burr, bowl cut, businessman haircut or regular haircut, butch cut, buzz cut, Caesar cut, chonmage, comb over, conk, cornrows, curtained hair, crewcut, dreadlocks, Mohawk, mod cut, undercut and many more, while for women include updo, shag, ponytail, pixie cut, pigtails, perm, long hair, hime cut, fringe or bangs, French twist, French braid, fishtail hair, finger wave, crown braid, cropped hair, bun, chignon bob cut, asymmetric cut and beehive. As the years passed by, more and more new hairstyles are being introduced to the public, and the people who wants to learn more and select the best one for themselves can check out some updates regarding this through the use of the internet, magazines, television, or from the recommendations of friends, families and hairdressers. Find out for further details on short haircuts for women right here.